Tax Compliance Certificate

June 6, 2016 Press Release on the Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC)

The Tax Compliance Certificate will be issued to taxpayers who are compliant with their tax obligations to the government. These obligations include filing tax returns and paying the assessed taxes.

The certificate is required for individuals who:

  1. Wish to do business with the government or a public body,
  2. Wish to collect monies for services rendered to the government  or a public body
  3. Wish to register ownership or change ownership of a taxable good;
  4. Receive allowances under the provisions of legislation (i.e. churches, schools, etc).

The certificate will replace the Letter of Good Standing, normally issued by the National Insurance Board (NIB), and will be valid for a period of one month or six months, depending on the value of the contract.

Information about the Tax Compliance Certificate can be found in the Financial Administration and Audit (Amendment) Act 2015 Part IIB of Section 19i.

NB: The public should be aware that a Tax Compliance Certificate will not limit the execution of audits and will not rule out taxes that are owed to the Government.

Download form A1 – Application for Tax Compliance Certificate here

This is just a sample copy of how the tax compliance certificate will look.

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